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Hay un consenso sobre la violencia a la que se considera nociva para la sociedad. El viaje espiritual es fundamental. Pero el Dios con el que se encuentra no es exactamente el Dios del amor. Es profundamente optimista. Y eso me gusta.

Así eran los sorprendentes (y sensuales) cómics mexicanos del Hombre Araña

Predecible aunque impredecible sean sus protagonistas. Nadie te deja escribir una secuencia sin tener claro el tratamiento, es decir, los personajes y el argumento de principio a fin. Yo soy novelista y por tanto me exaspera eso. Eso es placentero. En el guion, en cambio, lo sabes todo pero no te apetece escribir nada. Dices que la novela es profundamente optimista, pero el futuro que plantea es desolador.

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Cuando alguien es despojado de todo, es libre. Tots dos viuen vides que no volen viure.

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La barreja d'aquestes dues idees m'ha acompanyat mentre escrivia. Predictible malgrat els seus personatges siguin impredictibles. Fins a quin punt el teu ofici de guionista t'ha marcat a l'hora de plantejar-te tots aquests nivells narratius i l'estructura? Doncs res, a enginyar-te-les amb el noi-coneix-noia. Jo abans pensava que la vida eren un parell de solcs, a tot estirar tres, pels que calia transitar.

I hold a Ph.

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I have passed both of them with the maximum grade on the respective final dissertations. I am a freelance scientific translator and proofreader. I translate from English, French and Italian into Spanish and Catalan , and Catalan-Spanish and vice versa, being both of them native languages. I have learnt to use several translation tools and to work with different operating systems and text editors. During my scientific research career I have had the opportunity of participate in many schools and courses, and I have spent long periods collaborating within international research stays.

All this has given to me the chance of meeting and interacting with several different international teams. I have also attended many meetings, presenting and defending my research all over the world. I am a hard-working, methodic and organised person, with a great sense of responsibility and a strong willpower.

I am willing to learn new things and I am keen to embrace new challenges. Keywords: spanish, catalan, english, italian, french, scientific, medical, technical. Profile last updated Feb Or create a new account. View Ideas submitted by the community. Post Your ideas for ProZ.

Vote Promote or demote ideas. View forum View forum without registering on UserVoice. Ha pasado un tiempo desde la ultima vez que esto paso. No voy a entrar en detalles, pero estoy seguro de que te puedes imaginar de lo que estoy hablando. Vamos a ver como va esto en el futuro. Bien, espero que te guste esta lectura. English to Spanish: My Experience As a Warehouse Manager Source text - English Have you ever worked in a job which is very stressful and where you have to do several things at the same time without forgetting any detail?

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Everything started one morning when I was in my house sleeping, when suddenly I received a call from a friend of the university. So I went to the interview and after a few questions, got the job. After that, he introduced me to all the members, and the place where I was going to work.

When I entered in the warehouse for the first time, everything was a complete disaster. The job was the kind of job, where you could be doing something which require all your concentration, and suddenly someone interrupt you for some other important reason, and when you come back to the activity that you were doing before being interrupted, maybe you might have forgotten what you had to do, or some important detail.

So, for this job, you had to have an excellent memory.

Creando prototipos de la tecnología digital para mejorar demencia cuide

Other things that you had to have apart from an excellent memory were: To be able to deal with any kind of people, be really calmed, to have an enormous ability to improvisation, to have the behavior of a boss, execute without any doubt, be patient, to have a way with words, be very organized, and the most important characteristic that you had to have was be able to deal with the enormous pressure and the stress.

But, as the days passed, I started to improve, and everybody were happier, with the exception of the owner. So that was supposedly the reason I got fired, for inefficiency. Because there were several things that made me thing about other possible reasons. And after 3 weeks I got fired, I run into with someone who gave me certain information which confirmed one of my theories. But after all, this was a really positive experiencie. I used to work between 9 to 12 hours per day from monday to friday, and saturdays just five hours, in the month and the 4 days that I worked there.

Asi que, para este trabajo, tenias que tener una memoria excelente.


Asi que esa fue supuestamente la razon del porque fui despedido, por ineficiencia. Pero, no estaba completamente seguro acerca de eso. Source text - English Have you ever been in this situation? Here in this article I will tell you more about it.


What I want for me is to be a person who earns passive income. Is the kind of money which is generated automatically without doing nothing, but is the result of a past effort. If you want to know more about it, please search on google passive income and you will have more information about it. Besides, there are a lot of competence, and some people are better prepared than me, which is something that no helps. That is very unfair.

The only thing that I knew was that I wanted to find a job, no matter if the job was in an area which is not related to my career. I wanted money right now, so I started to look for a job in several areas in several employment bureaus online.

I sent my curriculum vitae to several enterprises, which were offering different kind of jobs. Like gardener, car washer, seller of natural products, mechanic, etc. Some of them called me, which is something good. And even though the offers were not so good, I went anyway because on that way I can accumulate more experience in interviews.

In order to get a better curriculum vitae, and on that way increase the chance to get a job in the automotive industry. But, why is he improving his resume to have better opportunities to get a job? But, I will try to explain it as simple as possible. So, my plan is to get money with a job in the automotive industry for a while. Then, with that money finance my projects that I have in mind. And finally those proyects are the ones which will generate me passive income.

Now that you know the reason, all make sense right?. Well, that was all. Como dije antes, no soy el tipo de persona que le gusta la idea de ser un empleado por siempre.