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It hinders me in so many ways and does make me feel inadequate at times.

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I did a science degree instead and went into research. My hobbies are music, gaming, and anything crafty. I have two cats. A black cat called Nala and a spotted tabby kitten called Lily.


Something that can give me a small challenge on a daily basis with a small group of like minded people. Playing instruments, drawing, videogames, anime, swimming, learning German, walking, etc. I have 3 kitties named Jack, Orphan, and Lantern. Because Jack O' Lantern. My dream job is a racecar builder 2. My hobbies are anything to do with race cars or cars in general or weld stuff 3.

I have no pets. Pete 1. After all your disorder does not define you but adds to your character and if ppl are not open to ppl that are unique then they do not deserve to be a part of your magical journey 3. Amelia Wow Sandra. Emily My dream job would be working for myself. The researchers hope the development of a map of these brain regions will allow them to one day scan a newborn's brain for signs it may develop autism. Scientists hope to create a brain map that allows them to diagnose autism in newborns stock.

Autism is a lifelong condition that affects how a person communicates and interacts with others. Babies born before 37 weeks may be more likely to show signs of ASD, the charity March of Dimes reports.

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The researchers set out to uncover whether abnormal brain connections, similar to those seen in autism patients, can be detected in babies. They analysed 76 newborns, some of which were born as early as 31 weeks, while others reached full term. The cerebral cortex is the outer surface of the brain's hemispheres and is made up of around 20billion nerve cells. The scans measured water diffusion throughout the newborns' brains, which indicates the vital organ's structure and development.

Previous studies have relied on tissue samples taken from deceased infants, which only gives an indication of brain development in that one particular area. Water diffusion detects the random movement of H2O molecules, which is influenced by the presence of nerve cells and other structures in the brain.

If a baby does not 'prune' its brain sufficiently while in the womb, excessive neurons can remain. Results - published in the journal PNAS - revealed a higher number of abnormalities in the premature babies' brains. By detecting these excessive nerve cells in premmies, the researchers believe they could create a map that predicts autism in newborns. Although promising, the researchers stress further studies are required to investigate whether these babies go on to be diagnosed with the developmental disability.

I know that even though I have trouble socially, she still needs socialization and so I make sure she gets it regardless of how I feel having to interact with the other mothers, etc. I think maybe having that in mind knowing that no one ever connects with everyone may help take the pressure off socializing. Also, socializing takes more than one person to work. So taking the pressure off yourself to make it happen may help too.

Knowing that they may have things going on in their life that you have no idea about can create compassion and know that everyone has their struggles. I met a woman yesterday shopping for gifts for loved ones. She seemed happy, bubbly and genuine. I mentioned to her that she looked like someone I know and that they could be sisters. I asked her last name joking that they could be twins or related and somehow the conversation got on that we were both divorced.

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This led to us discussing how difficult it was. The conversation was based on experience and the difficulties without complaining or blaming but just the experience. I told her that I needed to be open about it from the beginning to heal and hoped it would help others too.

With tears in her eyes she smiled and thanked me and she left standing a little taller. Melissa, You sound so much like my daughter, who is not married. And you have given me hope and encouragement that she might someday find ways to engage socially even if through someone else.

I also want you to know that anyone who is honest can say that they have felt and experienced at least in part your same experiences and feelings…I HOPE. I have said things and wondered if I said enough or the right way in the right tone and cried over ppl being neglected and hurt. I am not an Aspie.

I think you might consider how important the other person is to you and how much you trust their friendship to you, even if they are related.

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If you want someone to know and understand you better then you should give that a lot of weight in telling them. Again, thank you so very much for sharing your heart. For myself, it comes down to this: if you think it might help for the person to know, tell them.

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This article has reassured me that in fact, yes, as a person with ASD I can and do feel empathy. My friends mum passed away recently and I cried at the funeral. Like others have said I think I am sometimes so sensitive to other emotions that I have to step back a bit, I have a good gut instinct for reading people, I can spot a nice person and I can spot a two-faced person a mile off, and if other people were told off at school I also felt upset.

Sadly what I thought was a positive diagnosis and would explain my dreadful teenage years looks like it will turn into a nightmare and I will have childrens services on my back to make sure my children are ok. Again, having a routine is a bad thing according to the NHS report. As long as the important stuff is done then the children can watch TV, play out as much as they like. This describes me perfectly. For the first time in my life, I feel wholly understood.

This means the world to me. Reblogged this on Bama Boilermaker and commented: This is definitely an interesting finding. I was going through a very hard time as I was starting to pick up on thing I had not noticed before.. I thought that my proff, might have known something of the concept so I researched.. However unlike others I have found my piece with what I have, this might be because I was left to sink or swim. It is not the hiding from others emotions however that I have used to cope but the discovery of individual things at a time, ive learned to focus on one thing at a time.

Practice makes perfect after all. Some come so naturally now that I dont worry about them.. To anybody else that is having trouble with this.. You have made it this far somehow.. Sam, thanks so much for sharing this. This makes a lot of sense. I do not have autism, nor do I know a lot about it but if we could focus on teaching children with autism and without autism early to put up this sheild where you can exhale fear and negative energy dark energy out and only allow golden whit light and positive energy in, it would diminish fear, and amount of feeling others energy at such intense levels.

Another technique is when you are around negative people or situations seeing that as a type off dark goo that slides down the sheild before it gets to you.

Visualizing types of things like this make it easier to get in the habit of using the sheild to stop the overwhelming feelings that we pick up. When I see things like devastation or war or anything violent or negative it can really effect me so with theses tools it really helps me see them from a different perspective. I also have a technique that seems to really help and that is to send a bright golden blanket of love over the area or to the people who are hurting and this seems to be healing for me and for the pain and suffering that I may be sensitive too.

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I just discovered this article and your blog, and you have hit the nail on the head. We are NOT narcissists. Reblogged this on PrincessPruneFace. Thanks Jo. Or by copying the browser address that appears at the top of your computer screen and pasting it into an email to share with those you wish too. My empathy is very intense. So intense it can actually be painful. It is probably why I tend to be a homebody.

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I know I come across as withdrawn or unsympathetic, but in fact I am in pain. You have so much empathy. We may not express it in a conventional way or a way that NTs can relate to, but oh my yes, we have it. Reblogged this on anachronism's Blog.