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Dora l'Exploratrice?


I'm sorry I made you dress up like Dora the Explorer at my niece's birthday party. She went to Pepper's seder as " Dora the Explorer ". Dora l'exploratrice. A meet and greet with Diego, Dora the Explorer 's cousin, from noon to 3 p.

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Dora the Explorer live! Dora's pirate adventure - Dominique Christophe L'agence. Dora l'Exploratrice , live! Help Dora the Explorer to make groups of three or more amulets of the same color in order to destroy them and gain points. Adelaide, I put on Dora the Explorer for you, so you would sit and watch it.

Je t'ai mis Dora l'exploratrice , va t'asseoir et regarder. Dora l'exploratrice , va t'asseoir et regarder. So today I don't look like Dora the Explorer? Dora l'exploratrice? You're the queen of heels and handbags, but out here you're Dora the Explorer. Tu es la reine des talons et sac a main, Mais ici tu es Dora l'exploratrice.

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Officials at Nickelodeon have begun casting I watched her realize that, by putting the things that she knows to be true into the work she's doing, she can create poems that only Charlotte can write - about eyeballs and elevators and Dora the Explorer. Possibly inappropriate content Unlock. Register to see more examples Register Connect. Norwegian, Russian, Hindi, or German , with occasional use of Spanish used in the Irish, Serbian, and Turkish versions through its simplicity and use of repetition. As shown by the list above, the usual second language is English, but Spanish is used in the original American version in English broadcast also for Malay speakers , in the Irish, Serbian, and the trilingual Turkish versions.

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Produced by Nickelodeon and LiveNation , these productions featured live actors portraying the roles of Dora and her friends, including Boots, Diego, Isa, and the Fiesta Trio. Many of the characters wore elaborate foam costumes designed to resemble the Dora characters. Each production featured a structure similar to an episode of the television series. Both productions featured a version of the popular Gloria Estefan song "Get On Your Feet" as the final number of the show.

Both productions were conceived by Chris Gifford, creator of the television show, and directed by Gip Hoppe. There have been three Dora touring companies. The third company performs a reduced version of "Pirate Adventure" and does not employ union personnel. This production is currently touring North America, and scheduled to travel to the United Kingdom and France.

There are many action figures and playsets available in many markets, along with DVDs, cosmetics, hygiene products, ride-ons, books, board games, plush dolls, apparel, handbags, play tents, play kitchens, and more. In Lego released four sets based on the TV series' characters. In , lead paint used by a contract toy manufacturer in China prompted Mattel to issue recalls for nearly a million toys, many of which featured Sesame Street and Nickelodeon characters, including Dora the Explorer.

Dora l'exploratrice : Les vacances de Dora (French Edition)

Nickelodeon responded that they would introduce "third-party monitoring" of all manufacturers of products under its brands. Video games based on the television show Dora the Explorer were released. However, packages sold in Quebec would only have the French version. Dora the Explorer: Barnyard Buddies is a video game released for the PlayStation in in the US, thus making it the first Dora the Explorer video game for the home consoles.

It was not released in Europe until being one of the very last games released on that platform in that territory following the PlayStation's discontinuation the following year and all production on PS1 games in It was developed by Imaginengine and published by Global Star. However, to take them home, she and Boots are required to collect keys to open the space gate, leading to the saturn planet. The game is unique in that it uses pictures and symbols to communicate rather than words. The object of the game is to capture one of the six explorer stars.

Each explorer star has a special power such as the ability to be noisy or the ability to create music. In order to capture the star, the player must complete a hide-and-seek activity.

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These activities include maze navigation, matching games, side-scrolling race games, a " Frogger "-type game, a complete-the-pattern activity and a song playing game. Dora Puppy is a puppy simulator where players must help Dora take care of her puppy, Perrito, and help train him for doggie competitions. All the actions are performed by either tracing certain shapes with the stylus or calling out commands into the DS's microphone. It was published by 2K Play in They may be sorting cookies into numbered groups or counting out different amounts of ingredients. It stars Dora as a year-old who goes on city adventures with the Explorer Girls, accompanied by a male pal named Pablo.

The series had two seasons 20 episodes each and aired on Nickelodeon from August 8, to February 5, On October 23, , it was announced that a live-action film adaptation, titled Dora and the Lost City of Gold , was in the works at Paramount Players and was slated for an August 9, release. Dora's cousin Diego was also confirmed to be a character in the film.

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On May 2, Isabela Moner was announced to portray the titular character. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the American educational animated TV series. For the song by the British band Stackridge, see Stackridge album. American animated television series. Main article: List of Dora the Explorer episodes. Main article: List of Dora the Explorer home video releases.


Main article: Dora the Explorer video game series. Nickelodeon portal. Dora the Explorer. Season 1. Episode Event occurs at Season 7. Episode 8. October 16, November 19, Retrieved 15 October ABC News.

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