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Swedish is a great choice! I think Swedish is a great language to choose for a bunch of reasons.

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I hope you will enjoy his course! Lycka till! Thank you very much Jun 4, for this useful suggestion!!! Best regards Sergio. After you know the basics Jun 5, Hi Sergio! I've studied Swedish at University, for about two years no literature , so I had its grammar explained to me by teachers and was motivated by the exams. I graduated two years ago, and in the meanwhile I tried to keep my Swedish up to date on my own with a few tools: - iTunes podcasts: they're free, high quality, and interesting.

If you search for the ones by "SVT", their main TV channel, you'll find plenty of real Swedish video and audio podcasts to hear rea Hi Sergio! If you search for the ones by "SVT", their main TV channel, you'll find plenty of real Swedish video and audio podcasts to hear real, correct Swedish. It's a bit complicated to understand the spoken language, but even just playing these in the background without paying much attention might help you get the sound of the language. You need to listen to them every day though, especially if you never took lessons!

There are language-related podcasts, too, and a great radio programme: Klartext, news in simple, slow Swedish. That's a must-have - If you have a good Internet connection: play the Swedish web radio at home as much as you can. I have a slow Internet Key now, so I haven't tried this in a while. My favourite book of all times is by Astrid Lindgren, and I know the Italian version by heart, so when I was at Uni I bought the original version online.

It's great because I can learn new words just by reading the Swedish text, without even looking at the dictionary, because I already know how that translates into Italian. It's really useful, because you won't get bored as the pictures help you understand the story, and the pictures themselves help you learn words fast.

In a comic, the character will say: "Look, he's sleeping! I always buy my Swedish books at Bokus. I have four and they make great reading - Find Swedish blogs or websites about your passions. They must have no English equivalent, because you need to be motivated to go just there!

So, no Swedish versions of multi-language websites - just genuine Swedish. Blogs are ideal: I follow two English blogs by Swedish girls with Swedish words sometimes, and I read their Swedish twits from there , and a very simple Swedish blog. That's what I've been doing right now.

Plus, you can use Internet language sites to find a Swedish speaking person who wants to learn Italian, and do an exchange over Skype and e-mail 30 minutes in Swedish, 30 in Italian, and you correct each other. It's a bit time consuming to find someone that suits you, and it might just stop after a couple of mails, especially if you work full-time. I still have to try this; I will probably buy the same Astrid Lindgren book from Bokus. Last tip: one thing that worked for me was studying German Philology at Uni.

If you didn't, try to get a book, it will be worth it! You will be able to make connections between Swedish, English and any other German language you might know, thus finding a reason behind those rules that most students just learn by heart. If you can put a language into more general patterns, it will be easier and quicker to learn, and more difficult to forget. Oh and try to visit Sweden even just for a weekend It will be worth it! Nice to know about Swedish learners out there Jun 5, So many nice things to read about Swedish! As a native speaker I don't think often about it. I'm not a teacher, just a native speaker so I can't give you too many learning tips -- but feel free to send me a PM for specific questions about the Swedish language.

I'll do my best to answer. It is pedagogically far superior to Rosetta Stone or Live Mocha and has the very prestigious European Label for languages As you learn from whatever other sources, go and find Swedish people to speak with - and swap language learning practice!

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They make language easier to remember. Yes, you can find every song by Ed Sheeran and Lady Gaga on Spotify, but why not mix it up with some cool tunes in your target language?

Spotify: Language Learning Electrified! | FluentU Language Learning

You might not even be familiar with many songs or singers in the target language. So the best thing you can do is use the target language in your search string. The idea here is to pair your target language with common search terms. The next tip will take care of that. So you can simply let Spotify lead the way and automatically find songs you might be interested in. Just tap and follow the trail.


Found an Italian artist that you love? Spotify will give you a list of other songs by the same artist. Tap on that, and what do you get? Well, only the top 50 songs that have exploded online—categorized by country.

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Spotify has a special algorithmic to determine this list. For the language learner, this should already alert you to scroll down to the country where the target language is spoken. The list is a goldmine for language learners!

Learning Swedish in 3 months: yes, you can!

Spotify gives you ultimate control over your songs. While searching for foreign language music, you can make a playlist of the songs that you like as you go along. A tip on titling your playlist, make sure the target language is clearly specified. You can even make a playlist collaborative, allowing your language-learning friends to add songs that they think would benefit everybody. Just another way for language learners to help each other out.