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Our office is located on the 2nd floor in Room A. Bookkeeping for Restaurants — The Need for Great Bookkeeping: Run your restaurant without having to do any bookkeeping. There is no need for you to do any data entry. When you work with Park East Bookkeeping we take care of everything.

Key Services for Restaurants,. Bookkeeping Services For Doctors and Medical Professionals: An accounting department plays a major role within the medical office. As the back office of the practice, the accounting department allows the surgery to operate at its fullest potential. She was impressed with the competitive advantage we provide our customers.

Know the Difference Between and Independent Contractor and an Employee: Failing to categorize an employee correctly is a critical mistake. The consequences can result in the government holding the organization liable for payroll taxes with penalties and interest. We focus on companies that have demonstrated their ability to use various marketing methods to grow their business in spite of difficult economic times. The companies chosen exemplify. From these two examples, you can see why there will likely be a difference in the balance on the bank statement vs. It is also possible perhaps likely that neither balance is the true balance.

Both balances may need adjustment in order to report the true amount of cash on hand. After you adjust the balance per bank to be the true balance and after you adjust the balance per books to also be the same true balance, you have reconciled the bank statement.

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Now do the same for your business credit card statements. Automobile Expenses Automobile expenses can be a major expense for a small business. You should maintain a log to keep track of where and when business travel occurred, who was seen, and what was the business purpose of the trip. While some individuals only track business use, I recommend keeping the log for all auto expenses, since those who itemize their deductions can also deduct transportation as a medical expense, and as a charitable contribution deduction if active in a charity.

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The business tax returns will want to know when you placed the vehicle in service, and the amount of the business, commuting and personal miles for each vehicle for the year. And if you are audited, your business travel log will be scrutinized and compared to the business appointments shown in your calendar and other journals you should be keeping.

Just keeping a mileage log without notes and explanations will not be acceptable. Non-Employee Compensation You should review your records on the independent contractors you have paid to see if the government must be notified of their non-employee compensation. Employees receive a W-2 form to identify their income and withholding tax.

Contractors who are corporations are exempt from receiving this form, but individuals, partnerships and limited liability companies must receive them. Have your contactors fill out form W-9 to give you the needed information.

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PaperBack May 6, QuickBooks Pro streamlined instructional guide for Independent Contractors and other freelance professionals. Contains only the basics for those who only need the basics. Includes tips on Budgeting and organizing paperwork. Learn how to bill customers, pay vendors, manage banking information and how to set up QuickBooks Pro Check your local Dymocks store for stock.