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Against some of the most beautiful scenery as a backdrop for our ship, we wound our way through the fiords to arrive at Norris Point being escorted by a flotilla of small fishing vessels decorated with balloons and streamers, full of people waving enthusiastically as they have not had a tall ship in this port for many years.

Captain Sikkema docked the ship in his true fashion, without a hitch or even a nudge to the wharf and received a warm round of applause. Although we are only here for a few short days, we know that it will be a time to remember. The Barque Picton Castle is a three-masted tall ship based in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada and best known for our adventurous sail training voyages around the world. Anyone can become a trainee crew member, no experience required, just a desire to become part of the crew that sails the ship.

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With the guidance of our professional crew, you'll literally learn the ropes. Join us as a trainee crew member in the summer of when we'll sail as part of a majestic fleet of tall ships in the Great Lakes in Canada and the USA. Sign on now, your adventure awaits! A very early start to the day indeed, with the pilot arriving at yes — a. A licensed second mate is needed for Picton Castle's upcoming summer voyage to the Great Lakes. Subscribe to Passages our monthly email newsletter and receive exclusive stories and offers from the Barque Picton Castle.

Conversations surrounding representation are too hostile Colleges are meant to be places of openness and expression. You are meant to find yourself and strengthen your voice. However, nowadays, saying your opinions paints a red X on your head. With the media, anything you tweet, post, upload and Instagram, will be found offensive by someone.

There is a lingering question as to why someone who is the same age as us or in my case, younger …. The seniors put on a show for Senior Day with the pep band rallying behind…. Capitals enter NHL playoffs as division champions After butting heads with the New York Islanders for the Metropolitan division title for the past few weeks, the Washington Capitals finally secured it on Thursday night with a win against the Montreal Canadiens.

The game itself had a postseason feel since both the Capitals and the….

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The Captains beat Salisbury and claim the solo top spot in the CAC Number one in the nation, and now holding the top spot in the CAC by themselves, the Captains baseball team has built a solid foundation heading into the end of the season. The baseball team has had some varying levels of competition…. Using this notion, networks and creators with visionary ambitions have yielded major profits.

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Themed for a daycation, beachy vibe, floral decorations greeted audience-members as they filed in…. Now and again, you can adapt more with the assistance of an instructor who can intuit your needs. Take a class in any aspect of health…. With finals week fast approaching, here are some practical and productive tips There is a singular truth that all college students agree on —you will have an all-nighter at least once in your college career.

Warm weather has finally made its way to Virginia—enjoy it at some nearby beaches Grandview Nature Preserve, Hampton: This was the first beach I visited when I first moved to CNU, and it has had my heart since. Last week the updated Division III rankings came out for collegiate baseball and softball and they moved into the first place spot. This is a huge honor for both teams and is well deserved as they are both sitting comfortably…. Week to include tabling, raffle, panel, volunteering and more Housing—although it may be a word that causes CNU students frustration, there is a larger conversation going on about housing in Hampton Roads.

Habitat for Humanity is at the forefront of that conversation. This week marks a national advocacy program for Habitat for Humanity, called Act! Recaps of the top news stories that happened last week from across the globe Mueller Investigation Concludes Following a 22 month-long investigation, Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluded his inquiry into whether the Trump campaign or Trump associates conspired with Russia during the election. They have produced a photo series for Hispanic Heritage Month….

President Trible to propose a tuition freeze for all incoming and current students in special BOV meeting, Board will make final decision Friday On Friday, April 5, the Executive Committee of the Board of Visitors will hold a special meeting.

The Captain of Her Heart

During this meeting, President Paul Trible will recommend a tuition freeze for the incoming freshmen…. As a campus minister, I have this conversation with students every week. Though beside the comedy is something very serious—you are miserable. You believe…. As a presenter, a volunteer and a guest, I was able to listen and learn as multiple inspiring men and women from all over the globe.

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The housing lottery was poorly planned March 20, By 10 a. By p. Coming into this game, the Captains were on a two game hot streak while outscoring opponents 31 to However, continuing that streak would…. Despite both teams coming off a loss to Mary Washington just one day prior, neither team let….

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Hosted by the Department of Music, the day-long event offered participants a variety of informative lectures, masterclasses, concerts and…. While things may heat up, this can be a baffling week on another level. Getting organized is always a good idea With spring now fully upon us, its time for… dreaded spring cleaning. To me, this means opening all the windows and letting the house air out, cleaning the floors and counters, dusting, vacuuming, getting everything off the floor and making everything smell clean and fresh. Of course, that…. I will stand firm to protect my fellow classmates on and off campus.

I pledge to be the change Voices of hundreds of students echoed this pledge in…. Sophia Nelson wants you to listen to your neighbor. Serving as the Keynote Speaker at the Global Status of Women and Girls Conference, Nelson focused on bridging the differences between Americans and giving tools for women to succeed. This is not unique—most companies fit this description—but Jostens is conspicuous because of its place in college life.

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College life is filled with obvious gouging: tens of thousands of dollars a year in tuition and room and board,…. One of the newest, and more strenuous, additions to our…. Five tips to help reduce your environmental impact With longer, sunnier days and the smell of emerging flowers in the air, springtime is officially here.

For many, this seasonal switch is indicative of the semester nearing an end, summer approaching, and a time to balance your mindset with some therapeutic decluttering, cleaning, and space-making. CNU baseball defeats St. After breaking records last weekend they are back at it again taking down St. Unfortunately, even…. How much money is involved in the tourmament?

March Madness is one of the biggest times for professional sports each year. Given that this is such a big time for sports you can only imagine how much money…. Such is the case for Lee, the main speaker and sergeant during the Iraq war…. Aries March 21 — April 19 With the love goddess Venus and a creative Pisces, you have lots of romantic options. Be as creative as you can, but watch out for indecision hosted by power planet Mars and unpredictable Gemini. Dating is enjoyable. If doubtful, plan ahead with more ideas.

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Taurus April 20 — May…. CNU gets ready for its first campus-specific Out of the Darkness suicide prevention walk In previous years, CNU students have participated in the Virginia Peninsula Out of the Darkness Walk and other walks in surrounding areas to advocate for suicide prevention in the community and beyond. Now, on April 7, Christopher Newport will stand up…. This traditional event featured a recitation of the history of the national organization, founding principles,….

This came off the back of a record breaking doubleheader on March…. Recaps of the top news stories that happened last week from across the globe U. This decision was explained by Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo,…. Freund appointed to new position, tasked with developing Jewish Studies program at CNU On Monday, March 18, members of the press gathered in the Alumni House to cover the appointment of an important new faculty member to Christopher Newport.

At the event, Dr. Richard Freund was named the first holder of the Bertram and…. Why CNU third-years should be allowed to live off- campus When you poll CNU students about what the worst things about attending CNU are, in some form or another, they usually mention registration, parking and housing.

How encouraging over-committment can harm students Welcome to CNU, where our motto is get involved! Here we stress joining as many clubs and organizations as possible until we are nothing but stressed. Students tend to join organization after organization, and they take pride in filling all their free time with activities. Esports, the…. The game started off fairly evenly as the Captains and the Shoremen played out a even…. Most, if not every film in the MCU lineup is very high quality, meaning that you should…. York Strip. Stress is the partial reason, since pressure may escalate on you.

If your sickness starts to invade, tune in to what your body tells you and try limiting your actions.

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Taurus April 20 — May 20 …. I normally remember things instead of writing them down, and improvising all of my work is a cornerstone of my persona.

So when I looked for challenges and goals…. Take an inside look at the biggest anime event of the year in Hampton Roads Anime. Everyone has an opinion about it. From indifferent to truly passionate, anime has fans around the world. Kigacon, which was held here at CNU from March was a testament to how influential the world of anime is on….