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If you know how to spray paint, you can get a pretty good finish with a spray can. I used to have a part time job swinging a spray gun around. But the bikes I rebuilt, I used spray cans.

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I found spray cans of engine high temperature engine paint worked really well. But irrespective of what kind of paint you use, in my opinion the biggest factor in the paint finish is the prep.

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Basically the surface needs to be clean and consistent. Sure 2 pac might be superior in some aspects, but for price and convenience, i reckon you can't beat cans.


Don't know how well it will last but I want for the spray can hammer coat. Bigem , Mar 16, Joined: Aug 30, Oddometer: 2, Location: Qld. Galmet or White Knight rust epoxy enamel, if applied correctly is better than factory paint.

White Knight on a Motorbike

Leave the powder coating for the barbecue, after the jobs I have done on frames thats about all its good for!! It also hides cracks!! Joined: Jul 20, Oddometer: 1, Location: busselton, west oz. Moved house since then.. She should be in the new work space by this week end. Joined: Jul 27, Oddometer: 2, Location: Triangle. If it is not done properly or done at home it usually is shit.

To do it right, you need to blast the frame, phosphate coat the parts, bake the moisture out and THEN apply the powder coat.

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If you do this, you will have to chisel it off. It will not chip. Skip any of these and it is usually junk. Color match is definitely an issue. I would say that you took the right avenue with your paint, especially that you have the skills and equipment.

Good luck with it. Mudguts , Mar 16, Joined: Jan 16, Oddometer: 2, Location: Some were in , lostralia. Shmerel , Mar 16, Joined: Aug 14, Oddometer: 11, Location: Where my soul takes me.

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Joined: Mar 16, Oddometer: Just did my trailer with por 15 or something like that, it's the ducks guts for stone chipping and rust prevention but it's not cheap. Hunsta , Mar 17, OldOzy , Mar 17, Im pretty sure it wont go fast enough to get stone chips. The user-friendly hand-operated centerstand was a welcome addition, and there were many improvements to the familiar V-twin engine, including coil ignition for easier starting and Amal Monobloc carburettors.

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Sadly, the motorcycle community greeted the innovative new Vincents with suspicion. When production ceased in December around Series D V-Twins had been built, some of which were enclosed models. Only a handful of the Black Knights did survive. She comes with the parts, that can be used at wish, to convert this Black Knight into a unenclosed Series D Rapide.

This example of one of the rarest of post-war Vincents has been in the former ownership for many years.

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  • Old broken British bike bought in bits was rare Vincent White Shadow worth £300,000!

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